Accidents Worked

Captain Shawn Pruchnicki (Ret.) PhD FRAeS ATP CFII

Film Work

Date TV Series Acting & Subject Matter Expert
Oct. 2012 – Present TV Series – Mayday Air Crash Investigators/NatGeo/Discovery Channel/
  • Actor – Himself & SME & Script Writer: Season 23, episode 10. Saudi 163 accident.
  • Actor – Himself & SME: Season 22, episode 8. Air Illinois 710 accident.
  • Actor – Himself & SME: Season 21, episode 3. Delta Connection Comair Flight 5191 accident.
  • Actor – Himself & SME: Season 20, episode 2. Air Sweden 294 accident.
  • Actor – Himself & SME: Season 18, episode 9. China Airlines Flight 140 accident.
  • Actor – Himself & SME: Season 8, episode 7. Science of disaster – Cruel Skies
Date Major and Minor Film Work
December 2015 Hollywood Film – “Aftermath” – Technical advisor for all aviation scenes. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Specifically reviewed and correct/suggested changes to Mr. Schwarzenegger’s lines for authenticity.
  • Helped pre-production leadership design some instruments such as ATC radar, and some employee costume designs.
  • Completely redesigned high school makeshift morgue for authenticity the day of the shoot.
  • Worked beside the camera with Director and Mr. Schwarzenegger on changing a particular scene to make it more authentic including altering set design and his lines.
  • Other pre-production and on-scene responsibilities. The film was released to limited theater in the United States and DVD. Fictional film. Director Elliot Lester. Released in April 2017. Los Angeles, CA.
December 2015 Hollywood Film – “Aftermath” – Extra (background) actor on memorial/funeral scene with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Was released in April 2017. Los Angeles, CA.
December 2014 Taped Film – For NetJets as SME on the cognitive surprise research that was completed in previous year. To be shown to recurrent ground school classes starting in July 2015.
May 2014 Movie - “The Tank” Subject matter expert for actor playing role of professional pilot including mannerisms and typical conduct and supplying wardrobe choices. Fictional film. Director Kellie Madison. Released in US 6/1/2014 to DVD. Los Angeles, CA.
February 2012 Movie - “Sole Survivor” Actor, on camera subject matter expert, and post-production assistant for documentary film “Sole Survivor”. Director Ky Dickens, Produced by Aurinko, S & McIntyre, A. Release date Fall 2013. Yellow Wing Productions. Chicago, Illinois.
February 2012 Movie – “Sole Survivor” Associate Producer - documentary film “Sole Survivor”. Director Ky Dickens, produced by Aurinko, S & McIntyre, A. Film purchased by CNN Films and released in Jan. 2014 to television and iTunes. Yellow Wing Productions. Chicago, IL.

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